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Saw this on the TV today - looked a most interesting place. We hope to visit in August when we shall hope that we can visit the Tower.

The tower will be available for overnight stays from january 07. Contact info@jerseykayakadventures.co.uk for details of overnights.
We also run guided walks in this area. See www.jerseywalkadventures.co.uk for dates and times. Our photo gallery includes pictures of the tower and area.

Fascinating to see that the Tower is now having a "new" life - the last time I went out there must be more than 55/60 years ago - as a youngster living at Greve d'Azette (most of one's Summers were spent on the beach, low water fishing, swimming, exploring etc. - and the summers were long in those days !!!!!!!!!!

Anybody going out there now will have a wonderful experience - the tide coming and going, sunrise (if you are up early enough), or the sunset over Corbiere.

A "Paradise (now not) Lost"

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